Our Identity

HRLinked Asia is a recruitment firm and business excellence center that collaborates with companies for talent acquisition and talent development. We partner with companies to establish personalized recruitment strategy; and deploy a methodical approach in prospecting, holistic assessment and selection of qualified candidates.



Understanding the importance of speedy hiring of quality candidates to fuel growth for companies, we established a robust system and process in talent pool curation. Constantly, we connect with highly-motivated and self-driven professionals who are both passively or actively looking for their next opportunity, engage them in career conversations so that they are able to discover what motivates them, what they are passionate about so that candidates of suitable skillset, career motivation and interest can be matched to the needs of the company. Above and beyond, HRLinked Asia have personal leadership and competency program offerings for candidates to help them unlock their full potential for improved job performance, retention, and personal growth.

Our management team, comprising working professionals of more than 20 years of industrial experience, together with our consultants with a wealth of experience in their own areas of expertise, fully understand the recruitment challenges and solutions best suited for various industries. Our inspiration comes from helping and seeing growth in organizations and individuals we have worked with.

Our Vision/ Mission

We help organizations and individuals achieve their goals with through our quality services.

Our Approach

At HRLinked Asia, we build trust and relationship by adopting quality, personalised service and collaborative approach in talent search and hiring. Every step in our search process is tailored to your requirements. From our initial consultation to creating a search plan, sourcing candidates, validating experience, interviewing and checking references, our diligent process ensures only the most qualified candidates, suited for the company’s culture, are presented for consideration. Our adoption of digitisation in our processes facilitates us to turn around assignment speedily.


The partnership approach, combined with our passions and dedication, has led to consistently outstanding results for our clients. The key differentiators of HRLinked Asia are:

  • Consultative and value-added service in meeting hiring needs

  • Ongoing partnership model to ensure successful placement and retention of candidate

  • Rigorous methodology & processes to ensure quality and effectiveness in delivery assignment

  • Have access to an extensive network of candidates

  • Qualified Industry specialists who understand your hiring needs

  • Personalized approach to ensure customer success